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This is Kameron: America’s Next Top Male Model. (Ok, fine- he’s not. But he could be.) Kam is a spirited, goofy guy- incredibly giving, incredibly talented- and while he may just be one of the most gorgeous men you’ll ever lay eyes on, who he is as a person is even more beautiful. He’s a dear friend of mine and a fellow photographer based in my ol’ stomping grounds- go Gators! We both decided we would photograph each other, which resulted in silly antics, general hilarity, and smoldering / awkward faces from both of us, lol!  <3 you Kameron!












Anna & Danny : a great gatsby engagement shoot

I’ve been wanting to do a styled / themed editorial shoot for oh.. only about forever now! When I met Anna, we basically became best friends in about 2 secs flat, and Danny is utterly charming- and likes to have team huddles!- so I thought… hmmm, wouldn’t it be fun to give them their very own styled engagement shoot?

I told Anna almost nothing about this shoot, except for the theme- Great Gatsby! I had a surprise planned- of course I told her I had a surprise planned, ’cause I get way too excited planning surprise and giving gifts!- but they didn’t know anything except for my request that they show up looking dapper with some champagne in hand.

My goal while getting this shoot together was to do all for under $50. That was a feat in itself! So, I borrowed vintage dresses from friends and consignment stores; I ransacked people’s houses for vintage items; I even went on quite a quest to find a ring similar to what Daisy wore in the latest film version! The book and the movie are so breathtaking that I knew a needed a special place to reflect that, so I choose with my favorite spot in what I consider the most magical place around- Riverbend Park (during magic hour)!

Anna & Danny- thank you for being who you are. To say I’m excited for your wedding is an understatement! <3

“The Great Gatsby”


IMG_2371-2After surprising them in the most ceremonious way possible, we got the party started 1920′s style with champagne and poker :-)
(The playing cards belonged to my grandfather- my sister and I grew up battling him at black jack as children… he was a notorious cheater at cards lol!)




This pin contains a lock of great-grandmother’s hair, painstakingly fashioned into a beautifully intricate design, and worn by my great-grandfather as a reminder of his love for her. Back then, couples sure knew how to be romantic! I admit I sigh out loud when I look at it… it’s such a reminder of chivalry, honor, and true love. (Can we please bring romantic tradition like this back into style?!)





Fruit-topped Cheesecake & Flowers: Greenwise Publix
Wine Crate: Total Wine

“Daisy’s” Wedding Ring: Charming Charlie
Great Gatsby inspired headpiece: Etsy

Thank you’s!

Vintage crystal candelabra, 1920′s diary & pin: courtesy of my Great-Grandparents, Richard & Demeaus Brandenburg

Vintage dishes, cutlery, and blackjack / poker set: courtesy of my Grandparents, Richard & Mary Katherine Brandenburg

Picnic basket, old telephone, fur-trimmed coat: courtesy of my step-mother Cathy and her grandmother, Meamar

Vintage lace tablecloth & Rattan basket: scored from MaryBeth’s house!

Blush Beaded Dress & Black Lace Bolero: scored from Ambar’s closet!

- Mary

Anthony, Kate & Sawyer : a fun, unique family portrait session

This is Sawyer. Sawyer is a wiggly, smiley, bundle of joy, delivered 5 months ago to his happy parents, Anthony & Kate. We all met up this past Sunday for a family portrait mini-session over in Lakeside Park.


Lately I find myself seeking to show the essence of the people I photograph more than ever before. Looking back at photos of my past, my favorites are always the ones that really show the person’s spirit, the ones that make you feel that moment again. And so that is, quite simply, what I want to create when I photograph people.


Anthony & Kate were so at ease with each other, and so obviously head-over-heels in love with their new baby boy! I am totally in love with the images from this session, because I think these “nontraditional,” and rather unique family portrait ideas really do show the beautiful spirit of this family :-)


And to make things even more exciting… I’m shooting Anthony & Kate’s wedding this weekend! It’s on the beach. At sunrise. On the winter solstice… sigh, can you say romantic?


Stay tuned for more photos of this beautiful family in the next few weeks <3




- Mary

Amy Lou : a jewelry designers Fall 2013 lookbook

Amy Lou is an emerging jewelry designer full of sass and sophistication. Take my word on this. I’ve known her since the 1st grade!
We set off on a bright & sunny day in October to shoot her latest collection. A sofa with a vintage vibe was both loaned and delivered to us on location for the shoot, courtesy of Skeffington’s furniture. A chilled bottle of white wine, edgy jewelry, and golden fields all combined to make this a fun and beautiful shoot :-)
You can see more of the jewelry (and get the goods for yourself!) on the official Amy Lou site.



Deb & Ryan- Married! | Riverbend Park Wedding

Deb and Ryan have an unusual story, mainly because it’s the kind of fairy tale you usually only see in movies. Neither of them were “looking for love” when they met at a party, but they started talking, and a few hours later, they both just “knew.”  This is where the fairy tale part comes in: that same night, both Deb and Ryan- unbeknowst to each other- called a friend and excitedly told them they had just found “the one!”  Turns out, they were right! :-) Fast forward a few years later, and Deb + Ryan were married in a relaxed, intimate ceremony held underneath a canopy of trees in Riverbend Park, followed by a reception at their nearby home. 

Deb & Ryan- I so loved meeting and photographing you both! You are both so disarmingly open and welcome, and I’m crossing my fingers that I get to photograph you again soon! (Mess the dress, anyone? Hint, hint!)