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Ok everyone- get ready for some serious eye candy and inspiration! The Anthropologie at the Gardens Mall recently re-located to the upper level near Nordstrom’s, and with the move came a great new space full to the brim with amazing creations and new Anthropologie store displays by the visual team. “We’re so proud!” one team member told me, and I gotta say, the pride they take in their store certainly shows, especially with the visual displays, of which some appear to have taken weeks to create! So with that said, enjoy the visual “tour” of the new store, and I hope you are as inspired to roll up your sleeves and start creating as I am! <3

anthropologie store displaysThe first you notice – after ogling the perfectly made outfits on display, of course – is an area that feels like you’ve just entered an enchanted greenhouse. You are greeted by tons of green moss, paper butterflies fluttering about, handmade mushrooms in every imaginable shape and color, living plants, and cute little “vignettes” in bell jars. Honestly the sight is so magical that I wanted to go right out and buy yards of rolled sheet moss and start growing me some mushrooms!

anthropologie mushrooms

There is a fantastic display case for sale- I didn’t bother looking at the price tag as it probably worth more than I make in a year- but rather than leaving it empty, the team used the space to showcase a little world of butterflies; each butterfly painstakingly created by hand.

anthro_00037anthropologie mushrooms, anthropologie store displaysanthro_00038


A wall feature made of painted wooden knobs and what-nots (all, I’m assuming, readily available at Home Depot or a craft store) combines to make a unique and reasonably priced piece of wall art.

We forge on to the room showcasing… a huge mound of fire wood. But look!- in the upper left hand and lower right hand corners there are a bunch of handmade carrots, so cute. I admit this area kinda puzzles me, I guess because well… we live in Florida. Fire wood isn’t used much ’round these parts! But, I do appreciate the use of everyday objects in a new and aesthetically pleasing way.


If you look to the right of the firewood display, there is a room abounding with color and with… broomsticks. A lot of them. All hanging from the ceiling. Again, I love the idea, it IS a housewares section after all and it adds that extra bit of visual interest, but I guess I am just a little confused. I’m thinking that if they had added plastic bags full of water hanging as well or included some metallic buckets it would add some extra shine- not to mention a total Mickey Mouse “fantasia” moment! (P.S. In the lower right photo, the dog’s ears are also made from cute little broomsticks!)


On a sidenote- look at these cute cabbages! I’m guessing they were made out of colored vellum, or possibly colored tissue paper coated with a layer of clear sillicone. Who knows. But they are colorful, cute, and I flat out love them.anthropologie store displays
Here is the rest of the “broomstick” room.  If you asked me what color to paint the walls, I wouldn’t have chosen green- and woe on me for that! The vibrancy of the colors and the way the housewares are arranged… I absolutely love it.

anthropologie store displays
One more idea for those of you who love the decorating-with-broomsticks aesthetic!


Ok, NO trip to Anthropologie would be complete without eyeing the cute outfit ideas strewn throughout the store :-)
(FYI- I want the funky long sweater, the green dress, and the scarf. I already own the blue macrame dress in the left photo… so worth every penny!)


Yay for purple, duffle bags, rope, and lightbulbs! Who thinks of decorating their walls with funky rope outlines? Well me, now, that’s who :-) anthro_00051

After passing by the interesting creation below, we enter the “book nook.” That’s right. Anthropologie has taken decorating with books to a whole new level, even creating a floating book shelf going around the top of the ceiling made with, of course, books! You have to admit- a book shelf that is actually made from books is a pretty intriguing idea!




Finally, we come to the store’s “pièce de résistance”- this gloriously gold blinged wind-mobile of sorts. Each gold toned leaf was cut out and at times, stitched together, then attached piece by piece to create the gorgeous concoction seen below. Creating this must have taken some serious time and dedication, and it is even more beautiful in person.

The storefront display, featuring the birdhouses that seem to be a common thread throughout all the local Anthro stores, but taken to the next level with some punches of color and the “village by the shore” backdrop.

After documenting the work of this fantastically fabulous visual team, I’m thinking that it’s finally time to re-do my entire living space!

UPDATE: I just received a lovely email message from the Visual Manager at the store, Hayley Sheldon! It turns out that she has a blog + portfolio site showcasing her amazing versatility as an artist- it features some of her work at Anthropologie, an etsy stop, and lots of seriously inspirational eye candy – it is SO worth checking out!

Click here! —> HAYLEY SHELDON – Art Design Display


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